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Private Data

Dear Users,

We protect your private data.

1) We do not provide your personal identification details* to our clients. All surveys are filled anonymously

2) Your personal identification details* can only be used by MUSA to contact you in case we need to conduct an identity verification, to communicate on any update of the platform, to transfer your rewards and donation confirmations and or in order to help you solve any issue you might encounter.

3) All the data provided in each survey will be shared with the client - at the exception of the personal identification details*. By filling a MUSA survey, you agree to let us transfer your answers to the publishing client**.

4) Some surveys might occasionally ask you to share your personal e-mail. This information will never be transferred to the publishing client** unless you give your written approval before sending your answers to the survey. This approval will only be valid for the survey taken and will never be transferred to any other client.

* name, surname, e-mail adresse, phone number. 

** the client that requested to publish the survey