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What Makes Us Different


A 100% independent polling institut.

No subventions, no thematic restrictions.


We answer any question you might have on our survey methodology & donations process while protecting our user's personal data


Two main goals : encouraging people to speak up & express themselves while having a meaningful positive impact . Make free donations... just by speaking up !


How It Works


Speak up : Vote !

Let brands, artists, companies know what matters to you & what you think about them.


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Earn points for each survey taken.

Most surveys will take less than 3min to complete.



Trade your points for free donations & rewards. Have an impact. Enjoy well-deserved surprises.

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Want to know more about our points system ?

  • 5 points for registering

  • Earn up to 15 points for each survey taken

  • Earn additional points though our monthly giveaway contests on Instagram !

  • Use your points to make free donations & make a difference

  • Points can also be traded for rewards. You deserved it !

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